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Escape Room Referral Program

What Is It?

We love serving our clients, offering them the best marketing in the industry. One of the biggest compliments our colleagues and clients can give us is to recommend us to other eye care professionals. Our referral program is a way for us to say thank you and to continue giving back to our supporters.

It’s Simple, We Promise!

We’ve made referrals super easy! We’ll give you up to $500 for every client that signs up for our full marketing program as a direct result of your referral. There’s no limit to how many referrals you can make or how much money you earn! We appreciate the love, and we’re happy to share it.

How Referral Program Works

Just tell a colleague about our marketing program; we’ll do the rest. Have your colleague contact us at hello@mdtariquli9.sg-host.com, or fill out the form below and we will reach out.

We’ll pay $500 per referral depending
on what program they sign up for.

As soon your colleague finishes their onboarding session with us, we’ll schedule your payment. You can expect your referral bonus within 30 days of their onboarding.

Just one! Clients must be referred directly by you and sign up for a Escape Room PPC’s Practice or Medical Niche program.

In case we haven’t said it enough yet; thanks for your business! We appreciate you!


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