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ERAdventure provides your Escape Room with a strong base for Google search and Google Map campaigns so escape room lovers can find you quickly and easily. Begin your adventure towards more bookings and higher revenues with ERAdventure.

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ERMystery provides sustainable growth for your Escape Room, leveraging the power of Google Ads and Remarketing Ads. Increase the amount of quality traffic to your Escape Room website and get more bookings consistently with ERMystery.

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ERWizards gives your Escape Room the marketing boost it needs for increased brand awareness and bookings. We engage and drive more visitors to your Escape Room with Social Media ads and boost your bookings with effective Google ads.

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ERHunters will redefine success for your Escape Room by implementing a comprehensive marketing plan that includes the best of paid and organic marketing services. Search Engines favor the sites we work on, resulting in higher rankings and more qualified traffic, while paid Social Media ads increase brand awareness for your Escape Room.

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Ready to launch a new Escape Room? Or maybe you want to rebrand your current Escape Room. If this is you, ERTreasure is the plan to choose. We provide you with a CRO (conversion rate optimized) website and leverage all the different online marketing and advertising channels to ensure your success.

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Solution-based Marketing

We Believe In Solution-Based Marketing

We don’t just manage your online advertising — we provide a full-funnel marketing strategy that leverages the best online marketing platforms and services to address the challenges stopping your Escape Room from reaching its full potential. You’ve set a high bar for success. Let EscapeRoomPPC help you solve your marketing challenges and exceed your goals.

Google ads & Other Paid Search
Facebook ads & other paid social
Website Conversation Rate Optimization
Test Website Experience
Creative Services & Google Ads Banners

Clients Feedback

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Have a question? Please check these Frequently Asked Questions to see if the answer is here.

Why should I choose EscapeRoomPPC over a different online marketing agency?

We understand Escape Room marketing better than any other digital advertising agency in the U.S. because we have the most experience and a proven track record of success. We have helped hundreds of Escape Room owners like you achieve enormous business growth. Please take a moment to read what our customers are saying about us.


How much of an increase in Escape Room bookings should I expect?

The number of bookings your digital advertising campaign drives depends on many factors. Population density and demographics, your escape room theme, and your budget will affect your website’s traffic and how much of that traffic converts into bookings. We always do our best to get you optimal results, and most of our clients get a minimum of 4X more bookings with our service.


Do I have to Sign Any Long-Term Contracts?

No, never. All EscapeRoomPPC digital marketing plans are 100% contract-free. If you’re not happy with our work, you are free to move on. We hate paperwork and, more importantly, believe in our abilities and Escape Room marketing expertise.


Will you use my existing ads campaign?

If your current ads campaign is worth fixing, we will make the necessary changes and continue running it. However, if your campaign varies too much from the standard we work with, we will start from scratch and design a new ads campaign for your Escape Room.


How much do I have to spend on my ads campaign?

There is no budget limit for PPC campaigns. Usually, the more you spend, the better your results will be. Once we know your Escape Room and your competition, we can give you an estimated ad spend budget that will be most effective for your situation. Our clients typically spend around $1,000- $3,500/mo, on average.


What if I want to continue working with my current marketing agency & work with EscapeRoomPPC for pay-per-click ads?

We don’t mind at all! Our plans are perfect for clients who want to work with us for their PPC advertising needs and continue working with other agencies for their website, SEO, and other related services. We manage your pay-per-click ads campaigns while you continue working with other agencies for different services.