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How Google Ads Adwords PPC Can Help Generate More Bookings For Escape Room


How Google Ads Adwords PPC Can Help Generate More Bookings For for Escape Room: The Ultimate Strategy

Escape Room is a new age sensation, and Digital marketing is the present. If you are looking to find advertising success for your escape room, then digital marketing is your path to walk on. And PPC( paid per click) is the engine that can speed up the success of your escape room.

Whether you are looking to leverage PPC to expand your escape room or are confused about whether you should or shouldn’t, you are at the right place. Here we talk about every detail of the PPC ads and the ultimate strategy one needs to use to get the best PPC ad results for your escape room.

What is PPC?

PPC (paid per click) is a form of digital advertising where you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ads. Yes, on search engine results, you do not have to pay a single cent to show up; you only pay when someone clicks and goes to your website.

Those who may question the necessity to pay for clicks instead of aiming for organic traffic need to know that organic traffic is extremely hard to gain. And unless you are ready to wait for a long time to get traffic to your website, PPC should be the main marketing strategy.  

From our escape room marketing services, you can use the following PPC advertising 

When done in the right way, these paid advertisements can target the ideal audience by showing up on search results and social media feeds and bringing in more bookings.

You may meet or find people on the internet telling you that paid per click is not profitable. We can assure you these people belong to two categories: either they have spent a huge amount of money and got close to nothing in return or the kind who never really endeavored into PPC ads as they were just not ready to spend money.

You need to know the dynamics of the ads spend, and ads return to know PPC. For example, if you have to spend $20 dollars for an $400 dollar sale, then you need no brain to understand you are in profit. But for the profit, you need to know how successful PPC ads work and just PPC that costs you money.

Successful Google Ads Campaigns For Escape Room

For successful PPC ads, you need to know what gets someone interested in your service and clicking on your ads. With our experience auditing many Google Ads campaigns, we have seen they either do not target the right keywords or find the right keywords. They do not distribute them in the right way; rather stuff every keyword in one group and make a generic ad for all the keywords.

Your ads will not be successful if 

  • The ad copy is not relevant to your keywords
  • Does not highlight the attraction or benefit
  • Doesn’t convince your ideal audience why you are better than others

So, what does a successful escape room ad have to convert? Exactly the opposite of you should not do, so your ad should include

  • Relevant Ad copy that takes to the appropriate landing page
  • Highlight the escape room theme/especially
  • Highlight what makes you unique.

Ads copies are the last part, and Curiel is part of PPC advertising as this is the end product your target audience needs and is the deciding factor on whether you will get more traffic to your website or not. But this is not the only thing that you need to focus on getting successful with PPC ads. Before we talk about the whole process of PPC ads, let’s see the different types of PPC ads your escape room should leverage.

PPC channels to leverage for Escape Room



PPC ads can be divided into two types: search ads and social ads. We suggest using both search and social in combination to enhance your escape room’s popularity and get more bookings.

Google Ads gives you a chance to advertise on Google Search, Google Map, and Google Search Network, including Amazon and GDN (Google Display Network), which includes about 2 million websites and apps, including Youtube.

With Microsoft Ads, you can advertise on the Bing search engine as well as several other partners.

Social Ads gives you the chance to target the widest range of people because, let’s be honest, pretty much the whole world more or less is on Facebook and Instagram.

Now, which one should you go for? Search or Social? Or Both? And which network? Your digital marketing strategy should be based on your very specific escape room. To know what marketing strategy your escape room go for, contact us for a free audit.

How does the PCC Advertisement process work?

Most people think just bidding high is what makes you show up on top of search results. The fact is, this is far from the truth because Google or any search engine’s job is to provide quality information to the searchers. Because if people do not find what they are looking for, they will lose trust in the search engine and not return to the search engine.

Apart from beating your competitor in the bidding, you also need to ensure a quality score. Google calculates your quality scored based on many things like

Although no one but Google can tell you the exact process of quality score. But we can assure you the above mentioned needs to be secured if you want to show up on top of search results. Also, you need to follow the rules that google and other paid channels provide that you must obey to be eligible to compete in the bidding to secure paid spots.

Keyword Research For Escape Room Search

Keyword research is the foundation of a successful search PPC campaign. It can be extremely time-consuming at times as you need to find out the keyword-based not only on your service but also your budget. If you don’t have time to budget to bid for the most expensive keywords, you should target the keywords you can afford, but those also need to be relevant to your escape room and theme. And you should never rely on the first keyword list you make, rather keep on changing depending on the research and performances. However, every keyword list should be:

  • Researched- Research and research a little more. The quality of your research is connected to the output of your keyword list and your PPC ads outcome. You can narrow down your audience by creating an ideal customer avatar and doing your research about what he is looking for and what keywords he may search to find your escape room services.
  • Relevant – Finding relevant keywords should be your topmost priority. For example, if you are looking to sell an escape room, you should be targeting “escape room ” and not “how to escape from home.” The search engine has many keyword match types like a broad match, phrase match, and exact match, and you need to use those efficiently to choose a keyword that will give you more benefit than cost you money. Also, you should target keywords with high buying intention when looking to increase your booking, like “escape room near me” or “escape room near your location.”
  • Exhaustive – While keywords with high buying intention are great to accelerate your escape room bookings, you should also include long-term keywords specific to your escape room but not so popular, thus costing you much less and adding to your website traffic. So, include both short and long-term keywords in your keyword lists.
  • Expansive – Paid per advertising is a process, and you need to constantly refine your keyword lists to expand the reach of your advertising campaign to ensure growth. So, adapt your keyword list from time to time to filter out the redundant keywords.
  • Negative Keywords- Negative keywords are the words that you do not want your ads to show up against. Most escape rooms lose money because they forget this important aspect of adding a negative keyword list to their search campaign. So, while you do your research, make sure to list the negative words you do not want to bid for to stop unnecessary money wastage. Sometimes, a lack of negative keywords can bring your ROI down by a lot.

How to Increase CTR of PPC Ads For Escape Room

Just showing up on search results is not enough. If you do not get clicks on your ads, then Google also does not take you seriously and gives you the steps because Google wants more user engagement, and a low CTR means people do not find your ads worth clicking. To ensure click-through rate, you need :

  • Compelling ad copies: Your ad copy needs to be compelling enough, so people click on your ads and decide to spend time on your website. Special attention needs to be given to the headline of your ads. Because the headline is the first thing people notice on your ads, be precise to highlight why you are better and what your service has to offer to your audience.
  • Ensure Relevancy Using Groups: Your ad copies should be relevant to the keyword for which it is supposed to show up. If someone is looking for a “horror escape room,” then your ads should be saying how your “horror” theme is better and why they should get it. If you will show a generic escape room ad or ad copy for “escape room for the child.” The more relevancy your ad will have with the searched keyword, the better chance you have to increase your click-through rate. 
  • Highlight offer and price: Highlighting offers and prices instantly grabs people’s attention and thus increases your chance of getting clicks. Besides, putting the price also ensures you leads that are likely to convert because people only know the price and are ready to spend that amount.
  • Test and optimize: We highly recommend trying out different ad copies for different groups to test and find out which one is working better and make some changes if you need.
  • Search Ads extension: Using the search ads extension is highly effective in getting you more clicks. PPC ads offer you extensions such as call extensions, location extensions, and other extensions that highlight your specialty. So, always try to use extensions to get more clicks.

Effective Landing page for Escape Room

A Landing page is a standalone page where your audience lands after clicking on your PPC ads. This is another advantage of PPC; we are saying advantage because the landing page allows you to customize the website’s information that is relevant to the ad copies. However, just having a landing page will not increase your ad’s quality score; you need to have a landing page that has:

  • Fast loading speed- A landing page must load really fast. Otherwise, the audience will go to another website which will increase the bounce rate of your landing page and thus decrease your ad’s quality score.
  • Relevancy with Ads: The landing page should give what the ads promise. So, having relevance between your ad copy and landing page is a must. Get your audience exactly what they are looking for with not just your ad but also your landing page.
  • Clean Design and CTA : 

The landing page design should be modern and organized to showcase your information cleanly without any unnecessary disturbance. Making use of color and eye-catching images, and effective content is key to creating an effective landing page. Besides, always have an easy-to-spot Call to Action button, so your audience doesn’t have to work to find the button and leave it in the middle.

  • Highlight Offer: If you have an offer highlighting that in your ads is not enough, so highlight the request and any specialty in your landing page as well. Use catchy headlines to highlight your service and why you are better than others.
  • Test your landing page: You can follow all the rules, but you can not predict for 100% what will work and whatnot. So, keep testing your landing page with A/B testing to find the page that works.

The secret to PPC Success for Escape Room

Secret! Yes. So far, we have talked about how to do your research, get the ads that give you clicks, and how you need the landing page to make sure your click turns into conversion. All these are just the beginning of successful PPC campaigns. The secret to long-lasting success is not really a secret is what most people fail to do.  

To ensure PPC success for your escape room, you constantly need to monitor and optimize your PPC campaigns. Yes, there is no such thing as a destination in digital marketing. It is a journey, and you need to constantly keep an eye on your overall budget, keyword list, audience list, ads copied, and everything to and keep making changes, so you keep getting the optimal budget.

What about the PPC budget for the Escape room?

Well, the budget depends on how much you are willing to spend. The more, the merrier. However, you should be pragmatic about your budget depending on your targeted audience, but you spend enough to beat your competitors in the bidding to see measurable growth. We can not suggest a random number without auditing your website. So, if you want to know whether you are spending enough on your escape room PPC or how much you should be spending, contact us for a free audit.

Now you must know that getting success in PPC is not impossible, but you do need a quality score and consistency to enjoy success. For any help with Search PPC contact us or check out our plans.


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